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Welcome Software Engineers!

Testcover.com provides advanced, combinatorial test designs to make your software testing more effective and efficient. It's more effective because the test cases cover all the interactions between test factors. It's more efficient because the test designs have a minimal number of test cases, limiting test execution costs.

Testcover.com provides Software as a Service through any standard browser. There is no new hardware and no set-up. The service uses a simple yet versatile interface, based on our exclusive Direct Product Block (DPB) notation. This interface enables you to adapt to system constraints easily — Complete coverage is practical, even when there are invalid combinations to avoid.

We invite you to look around our site and see how Testcover.com can improve the way your organization tests. If you're new to combinatorial testing, see our brochure first, to learn how Testcover.com can benefit your project.

The performance page lists various examples with numbers of test cases generated and their response times. It demonstrates the service's capacity and speed for real-world test designs.

The Tutorial shows several examples of using the service, from simple to complicated. And our background page contains related papers, presentations and links to useful sites.

If you're familiar with combinatorial testing, see our whitepaper on embedded functions — Test design automation: equivalence classes, boundaries, edges and corner cases. Our new technology may surprise you. It offers significant improvements in automation, accuracy, control and flexibility.

Testcover.com is simply the best solution for covering test designs. To see how the service can address your test needs, sign up for our Risk-Free Trial. In just minutes you can try Testcover.com, and use it as much as you like for 30 days.
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